Course Image Prayer and Fasting

Prayer is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of the army of God. It allows us to reach heaven, grow spiritually, change destinies, and excel in every area of life. As is the case with so many things, what should be practiced the most is often put on the back burner. This course explores every aspect of prayer, convincing of its usefulness, explaining its practical practice, and encouraging students to implement simple concepts in order to experience great power.

Course Image Spiritual Gifts

This course catalogs the spiritual gifts available to every believer as well as categorizes them per emphasis by revelation, power, and utterance. As the purpose of each gift is explained, instruction in the exercise of it is offered.

Course Image Ministerial Development

Many harbor the dream of ministry in their hearts, but the distance between dream and destination is often fraught with turmoil and confusion. This course is a comprehensive guide to many components of ministerial development and features in-depth exploration into the call, vision, will of God, and practical time management. The student will learn how to successfully travel from dream to destination through the practical application prescribed in this course.